Local Services

Dunham’s Sports
400 S State St, Fairmont, MN
(507) 238-9990
Licenses, Fishing Tackle and Sporting Goods

Fish Cleaning Station
Gomsrud Park, 260 W Lair Rd, Fairmont, MN
(507) 235-5225 or (507) 238-9461
Key codes to access the Fish Cleaning Station at Gomsrud Park are available from Sommer Outdoors or the City of Fairmont for a small fee.

Fox Lake Tack & Trading Company
Fox Lake Village, 8 Main Street, Welcome, MN
(507) 848-6063
Live Bait, Firewood, Groceries, Custom Leather Work, Zipper Repair and Knife Sharpening

Hall Lake Cabins
2410 Albion Ave, Fairmont, MN
(507) 235-9785
Cabins, Fishing Boat, Paddle Boat and Ice House Rentals

Sommer Outdoors
1547 Albion Ave, Fairmont, MN
(507) 235-5225
Licenses, Fishing Tackle and Bait, Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

1250 Goemann Rd, Fairmont, MN
(507) 235-2500
Licenses, Fishing Tackle, Boating and Camping Supplies